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ProCaliber Products™ Repair Results Are:

        • FAST        • SAFE        • INVISIBLE       • PERMANENT

ProCaliber Products™ Clear and Colored Gel & Pastes are extremely effective on virtually all hard surfaces found in your home, office, hotel or facility.  The secret is our Light-Curing Acrylic (LCA) and Self-Curing Acrylic (SCA) Technology offering the most advanced and innovative solution to permanently repair and restore Natural Stones (Granite, Marble, Limestone, Slate and Travertine), Porcelain, and Acrylic and Fiberglass surfaces.

Our Advanced Surface Repair Acrylic Technology is divided into 2 main categories:

  • Light-Curing Acrylic (LCA) - Our quickest curing technology uses light to cure/dry your repair in seconds - best used when light is able to penetrate the repair area fully to cure the acrylic

  • Self-Curing Acrylic (SCA) - this 2-part system is best when used for repairs where light cannot reach the acrylic fully (i.e. deep cracks) - utilizes a 2-part system (base acrylic material and a curing catalyst) which can be applied under most any conditions

We also provide 2 types of viscosity of our LCA and SCA material to enable a complete range of repair capability:

  • Flowable Gel - utilized in our 1-gm syringes with micro tips for the most precise application of acrylic repair material and "flows" into all nooks and crannies - works best in level surfaces, such as countertops and floor tile

  • Paste - Our most versatile material is able to be applied on all surfaces and in both level and non-level areas (edges & vertical surfaces) and larger damaged areas - easier to mold and shape before curing

LCA & SCA Benefits:

  • Easy-To-Use – Anyone Can Have The Confidence To Perform Repairs Themselves
  • Clear Gel or Paste – Brings Out Natural Pattern Of Your Stone, Eliminating The Need To Color Match Or Use Dust Or Chips
  • White & Colored SCA Paste - Blend Nicely With Most Manufacturer's White Colored Plumbing Fixtures (Sinks, Bath Tubs, Spas, Showers, Toilets)
  • Under 15 Minute Complete Repair Time – Save Time & Money
  • Safe To Use On Food-Prep Areas - Non-Toxic and Very Low VOC's
  • Permanent Repair – Fix It Once And You Are Done – Won’t Yellow Or Deteriorate Over Time
  • Mold, Sand And Polish To High Gloss To Match The Surrounding Surface
  • Resistant To Water, Household Cleaners, Detergents And Acids

The ProCaliber Products™ repair solution will outperform any other surface repair products (such as epoxies and resins) in ease of use, durability, quality, safety and professional results.

Protect the investment in your home, hotel, restaurant or facility by repairing chips, nicks, scratches, gouges, cracks and holes on:

  • Granite & Marble Countertops, Tile, Columns and Other Hard Surfaces
  • Tubs, Sinks & Toilets
  • Appliances
  • Porcelain Enameled Steel Surfaces
  • Acrylic Spas and Tubs
  • Fiberglass Tubs, and Shower Enclosures

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We recently purchased a home that was built in 1989 and the granite counter top edge had a small chip above the dishwasher. Most likely a heavy pot was dropped. The Clear Repair Kit worked and our black with white veins marble look counter looks like new. Since the chip was about a quarter inch in both size and depth we used a piano lamp to aid in the curing. What a great product to solve what we assumed would be a very costly repair issue!

- Raymond Hill

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