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Q: I have a marble oval table that I accidently chipped on the edge. Is it possible to fix this chip since it is located on the edge of the table?

A: Yes, and we recommend that you fill the chipped edge as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Because of the ProCaliber Acrylic in your kit, the strength of your repair is permanent. You can finish the edge with the included fine grain finishing papers and polish for a superior, smooth edge. Let us know how satisfied you are with the results, and if you have any questions when you are ready to do your repair.

Q: I have a chip in my Uba Tuba Granite counter top. I don't have the chip. Will your product fill the chip? How noticeable will the repair be?

A: You will be very pleased to know that you can use the ProCaliber Natural Stone Repair Kit to either seal a chip back in it's rightful home OR fill a missing chip. Not only will either repair be nearly undetectable, but it's permanent. The ProCaliber Natural Stone Repair Kit works on any color of granite and is an excellent solution even if you don't have the chip.

Q: I have a Kugel ball that has some approx.1/8" deep scratches that need repair, will your product work on these? I would like to repair asap. Thank you

A: Yes, the ProCaliber Natural Stone Repair Kit will work for repairing your Kugel Ball. You will be filling the scratches with the clear kit, so you may need to order two kits.
*Note: You will achieve nearly undetectable repair results for minor damage only.

Q: We have an acrylic chair that has a chipped edge. Can we repair it?

A:The ProCaliber Clear Repair Kit is an excellent solution for all small damage repairs. You can fill a nick and replace or fill a chip in any type of acrylic furniture and achieve almost undetectable results. If your furniture is a specific color, the clear kit will also work well for minor repairs.

Q: I have a small crack in my fiberglass spa. Where can I get this kit and what is the price?

A: You can order your kit from our online catalog or give us a call at 1.858.657.0305 to order by phone. The ProCaliber Clear Repair Kit costs $19.95 + shipping (+ sales tax if you live in California.)

Contact Us if you have any questions about your do-it-yourself repairs, or if you are a professional repair technician and would like more information about which ProCaliber Repair product is right for you.

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