ProCaliber Products Foam Acrylic Polish & Scratch Removal Light Sanding Block

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ProCaliber Products™ Surface Repair Scratch Removal & Polish Block

Great for use with all ProCaliber Products Acrylic Repair Material to remove scratches and polish all repairs to a high-gloss finish. Our 4-Sided Polish Block provides Step-by-Step Instructions for removing scratches and blemishes to the Acrylic Repair Material.

  • Step 1 - Remove Deep Scratches
  • Step 2 - Remove Light Scratches
  • Step 3 - Buff
  • Step 4 - Polish and Shine

Foam Core and Backing allow for a comfortable grip with no hand fatigue and help prevent applying too much pressure. Sold individually or in our Pro-Pack of 20.


  • Polishes acrylic surface to high gloss, if desired
  • Remove scratches on repair material
  • Foam core for reduced fatigue
  • 4-sided step-by-step polisher
  • For light scratch removal and polish - for deeper scratches use 54-11-13A Polish Kit