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Granite Countertop Repair: 
Q: I have a chip in my granite counter top and have applied the Clear LCA Paste to fill it.  When I remove the cure strip an attempt to sand the repair, it comes out of the chip and doesn't stick.  What do I do?
A: The most common issue is the damaged area was not allowed to dry completely before applying the LCA material.  This is caused by using water or household cleaner to clean out the damaged area (don't evaporate or dry very quickly) or the LCA was simply applied too quickly.  A great solution to this problem is use a hair dryer on high-heat setting for 2-5 minutes on the cleaned out chip to sufficiently dry it.  Then, apply the LCA repair material and be careful to NOT apply to much material.  When applying the cure strip, be sure to also "squeegy" any excess material away by using the mixing stick or a flat edge knife or scraper over the top of the cure strip.  Then, be absolutely sure you shine the blue light as close to the cure strip as you can over all edges and center of repair.  Test for hardness/curing by pushing down with the mixing stick - if the stick sinks down at all, it needs more time with the light.  Finally, carefully lift the cure strip by a corner - if it is cured properly, it should come off easily and not cling to the LCA.  

Sink Repair: 
Q: I am having trouble with my White LCA repair material curing in the chip on my white sink.  I've shined the blue light on it for 15 minutes and even used a lamp on it for 2 hours and still it won't dry.  Is the product defective?
A: Absolutely not!  All batches of our LCA are carefully tested to ensure they work properly before they are filled in the syringe applicators.  The issue is the more color pigment is in the LCA material, the tougher it is for the light to penetrate throughout the material.  The solution is to fill the chip in layers of no more than 1-2mm in depth.  Start with filling the bottom 1mm of the chip and applying the blue cure light.  You may not be able to use the cure strip, which is okay.  Ensure that layer is fully cured by pushing down with the mixing stick.  Then apply another shallow layer and repeat.  Once you get to the layer taking you to flush with the surrounding surface, apply the cure strip over this final layer to remove any residual stickiness and to shape or form this top layer to your specifications.  

Granite Countertop Repair:
Q: I have a chip in my Imperial Red Granite countertop. I don't have the chip. Will your product fill the chip? How noticable will the repair be?
A: You will be very pleased to know that you can use either of our
Clear Repair Kits to either seal a chip back in it's rightful home OR fill a missing chip. Not only will either repair be nearly undetectable, but it's permanant. The ProCaliber Products Natural Stone Repair Kits work on any color of granite and is an excellent solution even if you don't have the chip.
Granite Countertop Repair:
Q: My dark granite (ubatuba) countertop has a chip from a dropped mug. It looks like a white line about 1/4" long; I can feel it but really the white color is a much bigger deal than the small amount of missing granite. Are there any good DIY repair products for this type of damage, and if not are there professional options?
A: You can definitely perform this repair yourself with your 10117 DIY Clear LCA Kit  as it provides you the ability to dispense the repair acrylic in very precise amounts which will flow into the crack and fill it completely.  The white color will go away when you clean the damaged area with an acetone or alcohol solution.  What will be left is the pattern of the granite and it will show through the clear acrylic material.
Tumbled Marble Repair:
Q:  We have tumbled marble in our foyer that has developed some cracks. We won't be able to replace it right now. Is there something we can use to repair or fill the cracks?
A:  Absolutely!  You can fill in those cracks with either of our clear repair kits - the 10117 DIY Clear LCA Kit and the 20137 PRO Clear LCA Kit will both do the trick.  All you need is to have light access to the crack and both kits will completely fill the crack and provide a permanent, clear repair.  It won't be entirely invisible, but the repaired area will be permanent until you decide to completely replace the tiles.

Granite Repair - Kugel Ball:
Q: I have a Kugel ball that has some approx.1/8" deep scratches that need repair, will your product work on these? I would like to repair asap. Thank you.
A: Yes, the ProCaliber Products Stone Repair Kits will work for repairing your Kugel Ball. You will be filling the scratches with the clear kit, so you may want to consider the
Pro LCA Paste Kit. *Note: You will achieve nearly undetectable repair results for minor damage only as the clear material allows the natural pattern of the stone to shine through.

Marble Repair:
Q: I have a marble oval table that I accidently chipped on the edge. Is it possible to fix this chip since it is located on the edge of the table?
A: Yes, and we recommend that you fill the chipped edge as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Because of the Clear Light-Curing Acrylic Material in your kit, the strength of your repair is permanant. You can finish the edge with the included fine grain finishing papers and polish for a superior, smooth edge. Let us know how satisfied you are with the results, and if you have any questions when you are ready to do your repair.

Acrylic Furniture Repair:
Q:We have an acrylic chair that has a chipped edge. Can we repair it?
ProCaliber Products™ Clear Repair Kit (for Natural Stone) is an excellent solution for all small damage repairs. You can fill a nick and replace or fill a chip in any type of acrylic furniture and achieve almost undetectable results. If your furniture is a specific color, the clear kit will also work well for minor repairs.

Fiberglass and Acrylic Tub Repair:
I have a small crack in my fiberglass spa. Where can I get this kit and what is the price?
You can order your kit from our
online catalog or give us a call at 1.855.977.6225 to order by phone. The ProCaliber Kit costs $24.99 + shipping (+ sales tax if you live in California.)

Ceramic Tile Repair:
If you have a large crack in your tile, you'll most likely have to replace it. The ProCaliber Products kit works best for small chips, nicks, and hairline cracks. Please visit see our complete line of surface repair products.

Contact us if you have any questions about your do-it-yourself repairs, or if you are interested in custom color matching for your ProCaliber kit.
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