The Original Surface Repair and Restore Everywhere Solution

Now you can make invisible repairs of chips and pits in your granite countertops before they become larger problems. You can even repair cracks in your toilet tank and bowl without having to remove it or replace it. Have an ugly chip or surface crack in your marble tile and don't know what to do? With the ProCaliber granite and marble chip and nick repair kit, problem solved!

Nobody can claim the quality, speed, ease of use or depth of line we offer to you. Our repairs are:

  • Permanent - 1-time application
  • Non-toxic - safe for food-prep areas and no need for gloves or masks
  • Odorless - no chemical or harsh smell
  • Durable - UV proof, won't dry, crack, peel, shrink or otherwise deteriorate over time (like all expoxies and most other resins)
  • Fast - repairs can be completed in under 15 minutes, with many in under 5 minuites
  • Nearly invisible - only you will know where the repair is once completed