ProCaliber Liquid Abrasive Polish and Cleaner - 2oz

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ProCaliber Products™ Liquid Abrasive Polish & Cleaner - 2oz Bottle

A premier cleaning, polishing and protecting liquid abrasive for Acrylic, Metal, Plastic, Solid Surface, Composite, Ceramic and Fiberglass surfaces. One of the most versatile products you will ever use!

Suitable for acrylic, plastic, aluminum, stainless steel and all other metals, porcelain, fiberglass, plexiglass, ceramic and solid surfaces. Contains 1 micron Aluminum Oxide abrasive crystal.

Safely cleans, polishes and protects. Approved for use on military aircraft canopies. Water-based formula is safe and environmentally friendly. Provides an incredibly smooth, mirror finish. Use regularly as a cleaner to improve or keep the high gloss finish on your surfaces.

Our 2oz Bottle contains no wax or fillers which can cause yellowing. Great for use with all ProCaliber Products LCA and SCA Repair Material to provide a high-gloss finish. See Polish Instructions.